Aggregation of 4 Social Networks:

What is a Social Network Aggregation?

Social network aggregation is the process of collecting content from your multiple social network services, such as Facebook or Twitter.This task is performed by a social network aggregator which pulls together your information into a single location and helps you gather your multiple social networking profiles into one profile. Our various aggregation services provide access into all your profiles from a single interface and attempt to organize or simplify your social networking experience !!!Our SN aggregator consists of 2 parts: the Tutorial Mode and the User mode.

Tutorial Mode

    In this tutorial you can find all of the SN's api methods you wish,just follow these steps:
            1)Choose one of the four Social Networks in which you have a profile -> click on one of the four tabs
              For example if you press the facebook tab:


2)Push the Connect button ->a pop-up window will appear


3)Authenticate yourself ->insert your username(or email) and your password


4)Authorize the application and give access to your profile data ->a second pop-up window will appear,just press allow

5)That's it!!Here you can see the table with the SN's api methods!!!


    Here you can find the facebook api methods one by one.
    On the right you can see the Logout button ->just press it anytime you wish to logout from facebook.

Table with content

The table consists of:

Api methods

1)the first column with the api methods(data) buttons->just press one button

2)the second column with two cells :

Source Code

a)The Source Code of the method(data) you selected e.g if you press the button "Session" the following Source Code will appear:

Data fetched

b)The results -> the data fetched from e.g the results from the button "Session" are:

The process is the same in all four Social Networks!!!

User Mode

    In this mode you can update your status or pull together all of information from Facebook,Twitter and Linkedin!!!
    Just follow these steps:


1)Connect to the Social Networks you wish first if you are not already connected by pushing the connect buttons

Status Update

2)update your status only by one status update!!!Just insert your status in the text area and click on the "Update Status" button


3)Choose from what Social Network you wish to see your friends by clicking the right checkbox and then push the "show friends" button

4)All of your friends profile picture and username will instantly appear on the right Drop down the scroll bar to see all of your friends


5)See all of your News Feed of the SN you are connected into one Wall!!!

Google Friends Connect Gadgets

6)Integrate easily the Google Friends Connect gadgets to decorate your site. For example I have used the Members gadget and the Comments Gadget from the Tutorial Mode

Members gadget

a)With the Members gadget you can join my site, create a profile,find other users and invite friends to participate!

Comments gadget

b)First connect to the google friends connect(if already not connected) by clicking the connect button or create an new account if you are not already a member. With the Comments gadget you can post reviews and links to videos. The posts may relate to a specific page or a website.