Creating your First Scenario

This guide will help you create a scenario in FSToolkit.

Important for Panlab: First go to Preferences and make sure that you configure the FSToolkit->Panlab page. Then restart Eclipse.

Create a new FSDL Project and name it myHelloWorld.

Go to Eclipse perspectives and select the FS Definition perspective.

From the offered services select the echo service and double click it to inject automatically the necessary FSDL code.

(If you don't see offered services check the Panlab settings and restart Eclipse.)

Modify the code to look like the following image:

From the toolbar of the FSToolkit commands select the Resource Advisor.

Go with the selected Plan. You can view a new generated file which contain your final request of resources.

Press from the FSToolkit commands the Submit Scenario. Press Finish in the wizard.

You will go to the Operation View with a running scenario like the following:

Do a right click on the myecho resource and select Control Resources. On the view that appears, click the Refresh link of the Output. You will have something like the following:

You can also work with the resource. Enter something in the input setting (eg "Hi"). The again click the Refresh link of the Output. You will see the response from the resource.

At the end right click the running scenario and select Shut Down to release the resources.

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