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Future Internet

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New version of FCI for Panlab

Federation Computing Interface (FCI): An API for accessing resources of the federation: In many testing scenarios there is a need to configure resources or even get monitoring status data properly after the VCT is provisioned while the testing is in progress. What is critical with the operational part of a VCT is the proper and valid run-time configuration of the participating resources.

Christos Tranoris

Christos Tranoris, is currently a research fellow of the Network Architectures and Management Group of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of University of Patras, which carries out research in the areas of Future Internet, Peer-to-Peer and Network Management while it is currently participating in related EU projects. He holds a diploma since 1999 from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Patras and a phd since 2006 from the same department. His phd was in the area of software processes on modeling and design of industrial applications with the title: A software development process for Industrial applications supported by a CASE tool (CASE: Computer Aided Software Engineering).

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The Panlab infrastructure manages interconnection of different distributed testbeds to provide services to customers for various kind of testing. Such testing activities need support from a coordination center instantiated here as the so-called Panlab Office. This raises then the following main roles in the Panlab concept:

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