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Network Architectures and Management group


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5GinFIRE kick-off meeting

5GinFIRE kick-off meeting took place at 11-13/1/2017 in Heidelberg, Germany.

5GinFIRE main technical objective is to build and operate an Open, and Extensible 5G NFV-based Reference (Open5G-NFV) ecosystem of Experimental Facilities that not only integrates existing FIRE facilities with new vertical-specific ones but also lays down the foundations for instantiating fully softwarised architectures of vertical industries and experimenting with them. The initial instantiation of the Open5G-NFV ecosystem will be driven by the automotive vertical deployed across state-of-the-art 5G infrastructures, however, it will also be as generic as possible in order to host other verticals.




FISH: FI-STAR Integrated Service Hub

FISH: FI-STAR Integrated Service Hub 

20/2/2014: NAM awarded a proposal around the provisioning of applications in health sector after the open call of FP7 FI-PPP EU Funded European project FI-STAR. FISH technology addresses the objective for the realization of the highly desirable functionalities of Marketplace and Deployment tool with features including both service discovery and automated service deployment.

FORGE has kicked-off!

20/10/2013: University of Patras hosted the kick-off meeting of the FORGE project (Forging Online Education through FIRE). FORGE is a 3-year FP7 project led by KMi.The consortium consists of 7 partners highly experienced in eLearning and FIRE (Future Internet Research & Experimentation).

Patras Platforms for Experimentation



We just posted several tutorials on how to use our OSIMS testbed and experimentation tools on Patras Platforms for Experimentation (More)

1st Greek Summer School on Smart Home Technologies, University of Patras, 9-20 July 2012

The Network Architectures and Management group of Electrical & Computer Engineering Department organizes the first summer school on Smart Home Technologies. The school mainly targets final year undergraduate and postgraduate students with basic programming experience in C and Java while basic knowledge in operating systems like Linux will also be helpful.

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FSToolkit prototype is available

New content added for the FSToolkit.

Check also our project wiki for more information and downloads.

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A java example wrapper for creating AMIs in the Amazon EC2

Here is a sample code for creating an AMI from java code, using the Amazon's EC2 aws-java-sdk. I didn't manage to find a good "hello world" example for java, so I post my attempt here. I hope that you can kick-start working on the cloud.
First, you create an instance of the wrapper. Then, you can use it for example like:  createAMInstances(amiId, 1, 3, "mykey", "m1.small", "us-east-1a");

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New version of FCI for Panlab

Federation Computing Interface (FCI): An API for accessing resources of the federation: In many testing scenarios there is a need to configure resources or even get monitoring status data properly after the VCT is provisioned while the testing is in progress. What is critical with the operational part of a VCT is the proper and valid run-time configuration of the participating resources.

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