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An Open Source IMS experimentation platform is offered for experimentation! Supporting, from simple IMS account creation for IMS client interoperability to fully access of the whole infrastructure.

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A cloud testbed facility , with different Cloud Controllers for enabling cloud scenarios but also to serve as an experimental facility and hands-on experience for our students and potential users.

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An OpenFlow testbed, based initially on OpenVSwitch. On top of it CloudVille and IMS nodes are deployed enabling more complex scenarios.

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PPE is a member of PlanetLab Europe. Through PPE you can access PLE resources and create much more demanding scenarios

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From seamless testbed access, management and control to multiple account identities, FSToolkit enables the whole life cycle of experimentation!

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For demanding and detailed control of experiments, the Federation Computing Interface Java API will enable even the most complex scenarios.

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More resources

Upcoming resources and testbeds are under construction and integration with the rest of the platforms. Check back our site.

WebRTC Experimentation on OSIMS!

Watch a tutorial on how to reserve our OSIMS testbed and test your own webrtc technology

OSIMS Tutorials ยป