Location: imsserver.ece.upatras.gr

The Home Subscriber Server (HSS) , which contains the subscription-related information, performs authentication and authorization of the user, and provides user's physical location information. In short acts as a Master database.

OSIMS HSS component is based on Open IMS Core - FHoss .

The followimg image displays the HSS Console. You can login with the credentials you provided during testbed provisioning.

The url for accessing the console is at http:// imsserver.ece.upatras.gr:8181/hss.web.console/index.jsp

The web console allows you to control :

  • IMS accounts information
  • Define new Application Services
  • Define networking
  • Get some statistics

Together with the ability of getting full root ssh access to the testbed, you get the most flexibility of the testbed. In case you mess up with the testbed you can reset and start all over with a fresh installation!