Welcome to Cloudville!


   The cloud infrastructure was re-designed in 2017 in order to support the research requirements of our team and to host various projects and services according to our workload needs. The cloud is based in completely open-source solutions and it was built using state-of-the-art technologies. Therefore, expertise around several new exciting technologies was gained. Currently the data center consists of a 10 servers with a total computing power of 28 cpus and 88 Gigabytes of RAM. Despite its small scale it can easily scale horizontally or vertically just by installing new hardware.

   The cloud is based on the Openstack Newton release. The hypervisors currently being used are KVM and LXD, so both virtualization and containerization technologies are being utilized to delploy our services. All bare-metal servers are running the Ubuntu-Server 16.04 distribution. For monitoring purposes Prometheus alongside with Grafana are being installed. Several other services are currently running in our infrastructure for different experimentation or production level purposes. For instance, Elasticsearch and Kibana are installed and being used to collect and visualize data extracted from IoT devices and sensors owned by our laboratory. For research needs, Software-Defined Netwroking controllers like Opendaylight and orchestration tools as OpensourceMANO are also hosted in our ifrastructure.










Below find some useful links to representative graphs,stats and additional information describing our cloud infrastructure.


CloudVille OpenStack

CloudVille Graphs