Enabling the specification and operation of Federaration Scenarios for Experimentation

The FSToolkit is a development environment for specifying and operating Federation Scenarions. The editor is based on the textual modeling framework (TMF) of Eclipse and specifically the Xtext framework , which helps implementing rich editors by a definition of a specific syntax. The toolkit supports a family of Domain Specific Languages (DSLs), used by resource brokers, resource providers and experimenters, that have a defined meta-model as an abstract syntax. The meta-model is also capable to support a federation of federations. This means that the model and therefore the DSLs are capable to describe federation scenarios involving resources even from a pool of resource brokers. The presented support language tooling is available for the Eclipse workbench. FSToolkit enables Inter-testbed experimentation scenarios, ad hoc, on demand federation, reconfiguration and in general inter-cloud federation. See more on our wiki


An overview of the FSToolkit

FSToolkit tutorial

learn how to use the FSToolkit to define and operate experimentation scenarios

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FSToolkit has been tested with the latest Eclipse version . You need the Eclipse Modeling Tools edition so please go to http://www.eclipse.org/ and download it.

Lunch Eclipse and go to Help-> Install Modeling components. Make sure to check XPand, XText (and any others you wish). After installation restart Eclipse.

Install the FSToolkit plugins by going to Eclipse Help-> Install New Software… and then put the location: http://nam.ece.upatras.gr/fstoolkit/downloads/gr.upatras.ece.nam.fstoolkit.updatesite/

FSToolkit wiki: Describe and Control your experiments

For more information please check our project wiki

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