Christos Tranoris

Postdoctoral Researcher
Network Architectures & Management Group
Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept
University of Patras
26500 Patras
tranoris [at] Office: +30 2610996478

Short Bio

Christos Tranoris, is currently a research fellow of the Network Architectures and Management Group of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of University of Patras, which carries out research in the areas of Future Internet, Peer-to-Peer and Network Management while it is currently participating in related EU projects. He holds a diploma since 1999 from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Patras and a phd since 2006 from the same department. His phd was in the area of software processes on modeling and design of industrial applications with the title: A software development process for Industrial applications supported by a CASE tool (CASE: Computer Aided Software Engineering).

He maintains a personal web address at [ ] for topics around Information Technology, Software Engineering and Eclipse. He is a member of: IEEE, ACM, Association of C & C++ Users (ACCU) [ ], Model Driven Software Network
[ ], FriendOfEclipse [ ], and the Technical Chamber of Greece. Main interests are around: Software Engineering, Model Driven Development, Code Generation, Domain Specific Languages, Object Oriented Analysis & Design, Cloud Computing, Databases, Systems Integration, Real-Time Embedded, Future Internet, Software Quality.


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Book chapters

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Workshops– Invited Talks

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Technical Reports

  1. Open Source Software solutions implementing a reference IoT architecture from the Things and Edge to the Cloud, C.Tranoris, S. Denazis, May 2018, NAM Group, ECE Department, University of Patras (


National patent. 1004805.ΟΒΙ, INT. CL G06F 17/60, g06f 15/163 «Methods and tools to support and monitor in real time visitors of the World Wide Web.»

Working groups/Standardization member

  1. EU Future Internet Architecture Board Group
  2. IEEE P2302 Intercloud Working Group: develop the Standard for Intercloud Interoperability and Federation (SIIF)
  3. IEEE-SA 1876(tm) Working Group: Draft Standard for Networked Smart Learning Objects for Online Laboratories
  4. Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA),OASIS standar, external follower