The main aim of CIPSEC is to create a unified security framework that orchestrates state-of-the-art heterogeneous security products to offer high levels of protection in IT (information technology) and OT (operational technology) departments of CIs. As part of this framework CIPSEC will offer a complete security ecosystem of additional services that can support the proposed technical solutions to work reliably and at professional quality. These services include vulnerability tests and recommendations, key personnel training courses, public-private partnerships (PPPs) forensics analysis, standardization and protection against cascading effects. All solutions and services will be validated in three pilots performed in three different CI environments (transportation, health, environment). CIPSEC will also develop a marketing strategy for optimal positioning of its solutions in the CI security market.

University of Patras (NAM Group) and CIPSEC: In the context of CIPSEC project, University of Patras (UoP) will support the requirements and interdependencies’ activities of CIPSEC focusing on hardware security and identity management and introduce hardware security element innovation integration on the CIPSEC architecture. UoP will also contribute to the 3 pilots security framework integration by supporting the CIS pilot node security enhancement through innovative hardware means to each pilot CIS and support the trial setup and deployment using its expertise in hardware security design. Finally, UoP as an academic partner will focus on disseminating the CIPSEC research results in scientific conferences, magazines, workshops.