Spyros Denazis

Associate Professor
Network Architectures & Management Group
Wired Communications Lab
Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept
University of Patras
26500 Patras

e-mail: sdena [at] upatras.gr Office: +30 2610 962478
CV: [ January 2013 ] Publications: [ full list ]

Short Bio

It had taken me 22 years until I returned back to my hometown Patras in 2004 and started growing roots. All started in 1982 when I entered the Mathematics Department of University of Ioannina, Greece, where I graduated from in 1987. In 1993 I got my Ph.D in Computer Science from University of Bradford, UK where I combined my maths background with computer networks leading to my thesis “Queuing Network Models with Blocking and Multiple Job Classes”. Then I had had a ‘short’ break (19 months) in the Greek Military before I joined, in 1996, the R&D Department of Intracom SA in Athens as Project Coordinator. In 1998, I joined the Information Technology Laboratory of Hitachi Europe in Cambridge UK, as a Senior Research Engineer while serving for 3 years (1998-2001) as an Industrial Research Fellow in the Centre for Communications Systems Research , of Cambridge University, UK. Since 2004, I have been a faculty member of the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department, at the University of Patras in Greece. For the period 2003-2010 I had also been a Consultant for the Hitachi Europe Sophia Antipolis Laboratory, in France; during this period we collaborated in a number of research projects both internal and European. Now I am proud to lead a quite active research group, the Network Architecture & Management Group where we conceive new ideas and then we strive to turn them into something useful. The fun goes on!


  • Computer Communication Networks (Lab Courses using OPNET) [ 22Y410 ] (4th Semester)
  • Network Architectures & Protocols I [ 22A709 ] (7th Semester)
  • Network Management [ 22A005 ] (10th Semester)
  • Information Theory [ 22A702 ] (7th Semester)

New Research Interests (to be updated soon)

My research and interests have been greatly influenced by an interesting period in network research in mid-late-90s, namely, active and programmable (A&P) networks and then in early 2000’s by autonomic networking. The result had been the identification of two interesting problems: a) how to address self-organization properties in heterogeneous networks, and b) how to deal with multiple identities (identity management); both problems relating, in their own ways, with seamless and adaptable end-to-end connectivity. As an aftermath of my persistence with A&P networks through IETF ForCES, this line of research is recently revived in the fashionable topic of Software Defined Networks (SDN). SDN, which comes as a disguise of A&PN, has been (re)born through programmes for building experimental research infrastructures. Recently, I have expanded the scope of my research group into NFV and 5G networks. This brief account of my research trajectory justifies the following classification (details of the work may be found following the links):

Past Research (but not yet "dead")

The research work carried out in these topics has led to a number of tangible outputs. These outputs are the outcome of a painstakingly team work and they have taken the form of publications, projects, standards, and operational prototypes such as:
  • P2ner: An open source implementation of a P2P live streaming system [ open source ]
  • P2E: Patras Platforms for Experimentation, a cluster of experimental infrastructures accessible through our tools and available to third parties for experimentation
Being the outcome of a teamwork by now, we are currently extending the scope of the topics above into P2P video on demand, social networks, e-learning through more members and new research projects.

Research Projects




Selected Papers (to be updated soon)

This is a list of recent papers and some other related activities, representative of the current research of mine and of NAM group (complete list, NAM list).


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  • Application Number: EP 02253575.1 filed on 21-May-2002
  • Publication No. EP 1365546 B1 published on 14-Dec-2005